Welcome to this page which I hope you will find interesting, useful and a general distraction on occasions from being more sensible!

Our team started life in 2000 with the arrival of our first car – an Elva 300 now since replaced with the orange Lotus.  The name of course came from the surgical background – initially of the driver and then the sponsors.  Since then more cars have arrived offering even more fun!

Inside you will find various details of racing and other motorsport related activities that we get involved in from time to time.  I have tried to include lots of pictures of events we attend but if you would like to add one please send it along.

We also have race reports and some results sheets that might prove useful.  Mainly the reports concentrate on the various trials and tribulations our own cars suffer and there is not much professional spin involved!!

There is a “Links” page where we have some useful web pages but if you would like to join the list please let me know.

Please don’t forget – this is not my day job!  We do this for fun, enjoyment and the good company one meets along the way.  I would love to be winning races every week but alas sheer inability restricts that a little.  It remains a pastime and a sport for us so if you have any advice, suggestions or additions to the pages please e-mail them along.

Have Fun!

John Monson

Goodwood, 19/09/2010

A Step back in time - In more ways than one!

Goodwood Revival 2010 

Racing in the Mountains – A Rare Outing in 2010


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Goodwood, 20/09/2009

The Best a Man Can Get?


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