Note: This car is no longer with the Ecurie Scalpel Team.

Elva Mk VIIs

The Mk VIIS was one of the more successful of Frank Nicholl’s cars. Not that many were produced (about 70) and this car is chassis #59. It was originally built for hill-climbing when new and owned by Ray Terry. It passed through several more owners – Georgina Baillie-Hill, who hill-climbed it, Mike Carroll and Roderick Lane before being bought by Richard Thwaites. In his hands it won the 1975 Speed Merchants Classic Car Championships (when co-owned by Mike Wood).

Of course the cars most famous owner was Sir Stirling Moss who raced it very extensively both in the Europe and the USA. The car was looked after by Don Haldenby before spending a well earned rest period in the Haynes museum before we took it out and returned it to the track.

There is a 2-litre BMW in the back, built by Lester Owen who is the doyen of such lumps. The car is in Rob Walker team colours and has the famous #7 on the sides. Generously the HSCC have agreed to register the car for 2002 with the number which only seems fitting.

At this time I am only starting to collect information on the car, in particular the racing exploits when driven by the great man himself. However, the history certainly makes it an interesting car and he assures me it is very quick indeed. I hope to have more photos appearing regularly during the season detailing both the car and its results. A left over from the US racing is a small postage stamp sized plaque on the dashboard stating “All parts falling off this car are of the finest British manufacture”. Hope we don’t need it.

The car now forms a major part of out activities and is raced regularly. Check out the race reports and event news for updates.


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