As you might guess from the name Ecurie Scalpel has a strong connection with surgery – my day job. When we started this racket I thought it would be nice to identify surgeons who were into racing and cars in general. This was nothing exhaustive you understand, just a gradual trawl of various surgical types one meets while visiting various events.

Membership is very exclusive and entirely at the discretion of the holder of the logo – me! The benefits of membership are also few and far between – in fact basically none apart from owning a sticker or two and perhaps the warm knowledge that there are others out there in your line of business who are similarly afflicted.

As all surgeon members might suspect there are some standards to be maintained in terms of membership. For example while all types of surgeons have been welcomed we do not as yet have any anaesthetists on the books – a line in the sand maybe!

Anyway, I thought it might be of interest for people to see who some of our number are and what they get up to. I will be updating this in due course when I get the members to send me some of their own details. So here goes:


Dr. Michael Henderson, Emergency Medicine, Melbourne, Australia

Mike is an ex-pat Brit who is a life long racer from his UK days. Specialising in emergency surgery he is the proud owner of the ex-Keith St. John/Radio London Elva Mk7S-BMW – just like the ex-Moss Scalpel car. He also has a very pretty March 712 F2 car that we almost saw race at the Phillip Island races – engine maladies said no!

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Dr. Marv Primack, Orthopaedics, Illinois

Marv was first put up for membership when he attended the 2004 Monaco for the Formula Junior race. However he was not formally inducted into membership until the 2995 Goodwood Revival meeting where he was racing his very pretty Ausper.

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Dr. Lou Sellyei, Opthalmology, Reno Nevada

Lou is a retired ophthalmologist of Hungarian extraction who lives in California. He is perhaps best known for owning and driving the very beautiful ex-Dan Gurney Eagle-Weslake F1 car. Raced in Monaco – where unfortunately the car was badly damaged – Lou was admitted to the Ecurie at Phillip Island where he and faithful supporter Bert Skidmore tried to make the Eagle behave itself properly.

Mr. Bob Diggory, Upper GI Surgery, UK

Bob runs a very elegant looking Formula Junior car – the Lightening. However he has led a long battle to have the car accepted internationally – it has no FIA papers because of race history issues. Maybe the introduction of the Historic Passport deal will release him into a wider range of competition.

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Professor Nick Stafford, Head and Neck Surgery, UK

Nick is a life long car enthusiast who has owned a large array of interesting machines. Starting with a Maserati Sebring cars as diverse as Porsche 911, Jowett Jupiter, Lancia Integrale, Mercedes 220 Coupe, Audi Quattro, AC Aceca, Alfa Romeo GTA, and Alpine 110 have come and gone. Not a racer by inclination, Nick has taken part in several historic rally events including the Classic Marathon to Biarritz, two Monte Carlo Winter Challenges and most recently the Lisbon to London HERO event. His ambition remains to take part in one of the really big and long distance events.

Bruce Wolff, Colon and Rectal Surgeon , Rochester, Minnesota

My name is Bruce Wolff. I am a colon and rectal surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota; and John Monson and I have discussed cars over the years. I am not a racer, and I simply collect cars, or they seem to append themselves to me.

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Nicholas Colyvas MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon , San Francisco

Dr. Colyvas specializes in Sports Medicine. He has particular expertise in arthroscopy of the shoulder and knee. He did a fellowship and trained in Orthopaedic surgery at the University of California, San Francisco.

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John MacFie, Colorectal Surgeon, Scarborough

I am a colorectal surgeon primarily based in Scarborough, N Yorkshire. Recently accepted part time appointment in Academic Surgical dept, Castle Hill, under direction of Ecurie Scalpel master, Monson...

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