The Eagle Has Landed – or at least the Big Gold Toy


November 2007


Regular readers – namely those with too much time on their hands – will already know that the magnificent Chevron B28 has moved on to pastures new.  HSCC newcomer Daryl Taylor allowed envy get the better of him and he is now the proud new owner of a really special car. 

Daryl had planned to bring the car to the Silverstone Finals meeting last month and have his first experience of F5000 fun.  However, a testing crunch in the transmission the day before meant that he will have to wait until 2008.  We wish him well.

With money burning a hole in my pocket there was never any real doubt that the Chevron would be replaced sooner rather than later.  What to get was the question?  Another F5000 car was the obvious answer and there was a nice car all ready lined up until the owner had an attack of  “the emotions” and decided he could not part with his pride and joy.  What to do now?  Then out of the blue came the opportunity to buy the stunning looking TOJ SS02, which was finishing a general strip and engine re-build.  The deal was done and yesterday the car was collected and arrived at the Essex emporium of Frank Lyons.  Just look at the pictures – the Eagle has definitely landed. 

Obviously we will have to spend a little time going through the car but already it seems to have no major problems and the first step is a test session next month.  I certainly cannot wait and the same can be said for Frank and of course that well known freeloader Diffey.

The other good news is that I have already had an enthusiastic email from the car’s originator Jorg Obermoser in Germany.  He has seen the pictures and had a few comments as follows:

“This is one of the best cars I ever have driven.
I only can tell you that it was before we built it a GRD S73.
  We made on the chassis some modifications, and made a complete new bodywork in 1974. From this type there we built two similar cars. The second was driven by Dave Walker (ex Formula 1 driver). Where the second one is today I do not know.  Later in 1975 we built complete new Toj`s . As far as I remember raced in Le Mans a Toj SC 206 two times.  I think one in 1979 with BP sponsoring and one in 1980 with DENIM Apres Rasage sponsoring.”

He also went on to say “thanks for the pictures, great to see my ex car like it was” which is good news.

The car was run up earlier this week with its fresh engine newly installed.  All that remains now is to jump in and have some fun!


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