Ecurie Scalpel at Le Mans


June 14-15 2008.


Most followers of motorsport know of the sad loss of David Leslie, who died so tragically in a plane crash alongside Richard Lloyd.  Also well known was the painstaking way in which David restored his beautiful red Lola Mk1, which he raced so quickly at many events in the UK.  Indeed as recently as July 2007 I purchased two wheels from David for my own Lola Mk1 as he had had a new set made – using my own old ones as a pattern as it happened.


With 2008 marking the 50th anniversary of Lola as a racecar manufacturer and one with a long and proud history of Le Mans competition it was not surprising that all these events would come together in some form of cosmic climax.


After much discussion between the various parties it was decided that a cavalcade of Lola cars would be presented to the public the day before the annual 24-hour marathon on the weekend of June 14-15.  A Mk1 was the obvious car to lead off the parade and quite correctly David’s son Graham was to drive the family pride and joy.


Sadly though the Climax engine suffered terminal damage when started a few days before the scheduled event.  Suddenly therefore there was an urgent search for a suitable replacement for Graham to drive.  Through Rick Hall, Ecurie Scalpel got the call and were only too happy to oblige.  Off the car went to France for a weekend of photos and if the reports are correct all went well.  The car performed without hitch, Graham led the parade and David’s car was a fitting static display. 


Many thanks to Glyn Jones and Lola Cars for allowing us take part.


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