The good news this week is that an invitation arrived through the mail from Lord March in respect of the September Goodwood Motor Circuit Revival Meeting. We have been invited to race the MK7S in the Whitsun Trophy race – an 18 lapper that concludes the whole superb weekend.

This race is restricted to sports racing cars of a type that raced between 1963 and 1966 and always proves to be hotly contested with a series of star drivers taking part. Last years race was won by Frank Sytner in a Cooper Monaco and other cars included a trio of Ford GT40’s (one a Le Mans winning car) a Porsche 904 (a previous Targa Floria winner) and a couple of Lotus 23B’s – our likely class opposition. Apart from Sytner, drivers included Dickie Attwood (of Le Mans winning Porsche 917 fame), Jackie Oliver (former GP driver and owner of the Arrows F1 team), Mark Knopfler (of Dire Straits fame) and Alan de Cadanet. Up at the front most of the cars are worth comfortably more than £1M so this is rarefied company indeed.

The dates of the full meeting are September 5,6,7 and 8. Mark your diary now and start booking accommodation around Goodwood without delay – it is always very busy. My advice is to plan to attend Saturday and Sunday as they are the main days for racing and a leisurely start to Saturday is reasonable, followed by social stuff that night and a full day of racing on the Sunday. Don’t forget that the entire event is run in period and so dress code is very important. For advice on the “right look” check out the Goodwood web site (

At a more mundane level the Mk7S is being prepared for Silverstone on April 27th. The brakes require attention and will hopefully be much better. We have taken the plunge and decided to fit Avon tyres for the races where they are permitted – for this year this means all of them except Goodwood. They are said to be worth a couple of seconds a lap but we shall see!

The 300 Junior is starting to re-emerge from the workshop. The new driveshaft is ready and the suspension parts have been manufactured. We can therefore start to put it all back together and take it for a run prior to Monaco.

This week I had the pleasure of talking to Keith Marsden, the man who designed and built both these cars in the 60’s before going on to a career with Ford (where he designed the last Fiesta but one). He remembers the 300 being built quietly in the back of the garage only after permission from the liquidator! The prototype was made in aluminium – raced in Goodwood, where it was written off after hitting the chicane driven by Chris Meek. The MK7S was his last car for Elva and one of the best made. A true gent he is sending some original photos for the file that he found in his attic.


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