The MK7S has finally sprung into motion after its hibernation of many years. At the end of last week it made its journey to the rolling road and final engine adjustments. Running on the old tyres left over from its life in the US the results were very pleasing. The car performed so well that it began to climb out of the rolling road as the revs went above 6000 rpm! The extrapolated figures ended up at 213bhp at the rear wheels at 7250 rpm – pretty impressive stuff.

The next day we ventured to Leconfield Airfield – thank you to the Army Driving School – for a brief run. The noise is very impressive and the power very exciting. The brakes however are much less than exciting and in fact are pretty useless – pedal very far away and very little stopping power! We have already re-built them but clearly something more needs doing. The car however runs very well and handles nicely – driven on the throttle it feels very nice.

The next step is to get the tyres changes to correct specification and do something with the brakes. The Donington race approaches fast so time is running out as usual. We are also planning the 1 hour race on May 5th with Simon Ham as the second driver. Adventurous fool that he is he will be trying the car for the first time in qualifying!

The 300 is in many pieces! The engine and box came out to facilitate the new drive shaft and the relevant pieces are with Pete Smith for fabrication. As this will take some time it was decided to avail of the chance to make some spare uprights and such like for Monaco. We will also have a front and rear wheel available just in case we bump into anything. Too far to go to have a puncture!

Elsewhere the race dates are piling up. After Mallory on March 10 there are events scheduled at Donington (April), Snetterton, Silverstone and Oulton Park. In addition we return to Donington on May 6th for the one hour (two driver) race. This should be a very interesting event and perhaps one to visit. It looks like Simon Ham might be taking some time off from the number crunching to drive with me – more fool him!


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