As everyone knows motor racing can be a cruel business – to driver, car and budget alike. So it was that the early part of the summer saw us retiring wounded after a very bad trip to Mallory Park saw both the team cars carried away hurt. The engine in the Junior had let us down again – this time with a blow piston – and now required a proper strip down. The Elva had broken a drive shaft and the rear end now needed some serious attention. Time and finance determined that a brief rest was in order and in fact we have not races since.

The Junior is now well again having the engine completely sorted. The block was bored and four new pistons went in along with all the ancillaries. I really hope we have cracked it finally but only time will tell. The Elva has now has its new bits fitted and we were lucky that there was minimal collateral damage when everything let go. Both drive shafts have been replaced and the suspension stripped down for a checking.

So where to now? The first event took place on August 2nd at the RAF base at Linton upon Ouse in North Yorkshire. Bob Birrell had convinced us to attend on a Charity open day and a small display of cars was presented – click here for photos – on a beautiful and sunny day. All this because the Squadron Leader on the base is called Rabagliati - yes indeed brother of Duncan!

Later this month it is off to Dublin for a very special event. The famous Phoenix Park circuit in the city of Dublin is being used again to celebrate to 100th birthday of the RIAC. Some historic events are taking place and we are bringing both cars. I used to marshal there as a teenager so it should be interesting from the other side of the fence!

The holiday weekend sees the anniversary meeting of the Gold Cup at Oulton Park. We have entered the Junior and a second car for the meeting. There is no event for the Elva this year but we have a job on to get our car ready for Goodwood and Oulton will provide the ideal opportunity for me to drive a car I have not yet sat in as yet!!

Thankfully this car has allowed us to sort out all the Goodwood worries. Initially it looked like we might have some trouble finding a drive as neither the Junior nor the Elva would be eligible for 2003. Thankfully Ean Pugh of Dublin and Monaco has generously lent us one of his stable for the event. The unique F1 Anglo-American Cooper is a very original car designed and built but Aidan Jones from Wexford!! It is currently being fettled by Don Haldenby with new suspension parts following a minor prang at Goodwood last year and will have its first outing at Oulton Park. Thanks again to Ean.


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