I like the Snetterton “Doubles” meeting. For those of us up North it is a dreadful place to reach because of the roads but once there the track is quite interesting. Most people say it is rubbish as a circuit but it has a few interesting corners that I for one find beyond my meagre talent. Basically the track has two straights – back and front. Two corners connect the straights at one end and the other end uses a series of chicanes and the famous “Bomb Hole” that leads on to Coram which requires some guts.

This report is in two parts because work commitments prevented me doing the Sunday. Simon Diffey – The Surgeons Choice as he likes to be known was installed for the second day and will report separately. Saturday therefore saw the Lotus out again alongside the Chevron B28 – except it didn’t! Late in the week the word was that the noise meters would be out in force for this weekend. Now the problem is that the silencers for the Chevron are mostly ornamental and a late change to the Surtees was required. Simon Diffey has the car in safe keeping and had just re-built the brakes after the Brands Hatch meeting so a mad dash was required. The trailer was delivered to series Chairman, fellow ex-pat Irishman Frank Lyons who very kindly towed it down on the Friday night – thanks all round boys and girls.


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