Simon Diffey reports on two recent post-Monaco runs in the Huffaker 

From Pole to Pole - Or "Hero to Zero"??


Sorry about the late report on the VSCC May Donington, but its been a rush to fix cars in time for Brands Hatch.  

Took the Profs Huffaker BMC front engine Junior to VSCC See Red meeting at Donington Park on the 31st of May fresh from its win at Monaco.

With no short stroke revy engines allowed for Monaco, I was impressed with the torquey new Swiftune long stroke engine and was pleasantly surprised to find myself on pole.

Stuart Roach in the Ford powered Alexis jumped me at the start and for 5 laps we had a great battle and traded places, but then the car kept jumping out of third and the best I could do was limp home in second.

Whipped the box out and Comp Transmission Services diagnosed damaged hubs and syncro rings, which I obviously blamed on John Monson. (Ed - A slanderous statement for sure)

Next up was the HSCC AutoGlym Festival on Saturday June 28th at Brands Hatch.  Again I found the Huff a delight to drive. Its a short car compared to the other front runners and so it seems to understeer and oversteer all at the same time as you must drive flat out so as not to lose momentum.  Again I was surprised to find myself on pole just ahead of Dr Tony Goodwin, the God Father of front engine FJ and the Prof's arch rival from Monaco. Surprisingly Roach was behind Derek Walker the ex champ in his Ford-engined Terrier.

Come the race, I just sat on the up hill start with my wheels spinning (Ed- A gross understatement) and Goodwin was away, followed by a hard charging Roach and then Walker as I used the green tarmac out at Dingle Dell, trying too hard to make up lost ground.

The four of us changed places and I used the back barkers to make my way back onto Roach's tail as by now he had got into the lead. With 1 lap to go and Roach producing ever more lurid drifts to stay ahead, I closed and with his tow through Clearways I pulled alongside, but  a back marker in the middle of the road just spoiled the move and Roach took the flag by 0.092. A very satisfying race. I only hope the Prof had a better Sunday as all the other car were misbehaving when I left to go home.


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