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Goodwood Revival, September 2008.

The Goodwood Revival is described by two different folks – Simon Diffey and Ron Maydon were both driving (and sharing one car).  Here is what they had to say!!  See some pictures in the Gallery Section!!

Simon Diffey – Driver of Lotus 20, Cooper-MG and Ferrari 166 Monoposto

Junior practice was difficult to get in a good lap and I was 8th on a 1.28 with Welsh and Longdon behind me! Jowsey pulls in on the formation with a split gearbox casing leaving oil at the chicane. We all realize that now the pole sitter who was a second quicker than anyone is gone the race is now anyone’s for the taking.

I maintained the position from the outside of Madgwick without going off and we somehow got around all nose to tail. Welch made the first move past me down the inside of Lavant as I was turning in as he knew I would have to back off or crash.  Talented young Swiss Christoff Burkhard behind in an imaculate 22, saw my weakness and was alongside in all the wrong places and finally did a similar move down the inside at Woodcote. Next lap around and still in a bunch I could see Benedini sliding wide at the entry to St Marys and so for the exit of Lavant we really are all bunched, with Woodhouse, Welsh, me and Burkhard, side by side onto Lavant.

 Onto Woodcote again and Benedini goes in too hot and goes wide putting a rear wheel on the grass.  So, with his foot hard in, he half spins and spears right back into the path of Mark Woodhouse, who takes Benedini’s nose and rad off in a huge explosion of fiberglass and steam.  Somehow we get through and Lyons - who has done well to get by Robin Longdon - is horrified to see Benedini, with oil pumping from the smashed cooler - pull straight out in front of him and drive through the chicane and off down the straight!

Thankfully Lyons missed him and Benedini finally expired on the grass just past the assembly area on the approach to Madgwick. By the time we came around to the chicane again it is a sea of oil and the safety car comes out for 3 laps and we are denied a dash to finish.

Diffey and Lyons were happy with 6th and 7th with everyone doing 1.27’s and I was very pleased with the second fastest lap to Martin Walford who came 2nd to Mike Hibberd with Jochem Folch 3rd.

Without the Prof, I seconded Ron Maydon to drive the tiny Cooper-MG in the Freddie March dusk race, which after a delay when we fixed the water pump, ended after a spin at Lavant into the gravel due to all the diff oil finding its way onto the rear tyres!

Sunday I drove the mighty 1950 FERARRI 166 Monoposto V12 which is big, red and makes a noise like ripping knickers. It is therefore a crowd pleaser during warm up in the paddock, but not on the circuit.  So, starting 3 rows from the back, I instigated a mini race with David Bennett’s Maserati and Van der Crofts Connaught.  Sadly 4 laps in I could see the oil pressure dipping in the corners and brought it in to the relief of owner David Cottingham and my bank manager.

As ever a fantastic weekend with the only real incident being Jochen Mass who turned the Lancia D50 over at the chicane and Barrie Baxter, skidding to a halt and running back to pull him out of the car.


Master Series supremo Ron Maydon also joined in – sharing the little Cooper-MG with Diffey.  Here is what he thought!

Yes, I did share a car with Hot Shoe Diffey.  Alas in practice he was a good 15 seconds a lap quicker than me.  I think I got it down to about 4 or 5 seconds in the end!  But I had a couple of fundamental problems.  Firstly I’m too fat and being a little car it struggled. Secondly I’ve never driven a car like that before.  My whole race experience has been in an  F1 car or in the Mini.  Sitting in a Cooper MG I couldn’t believe the wind and the buffeting - the first time I’ve ever experienced it, it was novel!   Also I’ve never driven a car whilst sliding around on the inside as it had no seatbelts.  Finally I’ve never driven a car with my knees jammed into the dash, it is a small car and I’m not sure I did it justice, but I really did enjoy it.

The race got going and at the start, I was pleased, I leapt of the line and passed 4 people, but by the time I got to the first bend, I’d been passed by 8 others -  it’s not a quick car!  We were in a field with cars with much bigger engines with much more grunt. Fortunately for Diffs he manages to four-wheel drift the thing round the bends.  I wasn’t able to do this - maybe not brave enough?  But on lap 3, I saw smoke coming from the car, so I stopped out on the track, not sure what it was, whether or not it was the engine, oil, smoke or steam.  After a short while I realized on investigation that it had to be steam, so when it calmed down, managed to get back the pits.  For some mysterious reason, it had pumped out all its water.  Anyway, they filled it up and shoved a load of sealant in and it ran well after that.


What a lucky pair - JM! 


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